February 15, 2016

5 Biohacking YouTube Channels You Must Subscribe To

1. Steve Cronin

Steve Cronin, a long time YouTuber who currently posts weekly videos on nootropics, biohacking, Integral Theory and Quantified Self movement. Check out his channel for thorough reviews of various nootropics and tips and tricks on how to use them most effectively to achieve your self-improvement goals.

2. Smart Drug Smarts

Smart Drug Smarts is a podcast and a website run by Jesse Lawler is for people interested in brain health and optimization, and actionable applications of the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience. The YouTube channel acts as a collection of Smart Drug Smarts podcasts. There are hundreds of hours of podcasts on it, but they are all definitely worth checking out.

3. Epic Beasts

Epic Beasts is a channel for anyone who wants to challenge their status quo and anyone that needs just a little helping hand to push them to that next frontier in their life. Video topics include nootropic reviews, as well as bodybuilding and workout tips.

4. Limitless Mindset

Jonathan Roseland, owner of Limitless Mindset website also has a YouTube channel. He regularly posts videos on various nootropics, as well as topics such as motivation, lifehacking, self control, brain training, and so on.

5. Bulletproof

The superstar entrepreneur Dave Asprey, founder of The Bulletproof Executive, runs his own YouTube channel where, simiarly to Smart Drug Smarts, weekly podcasts are posted. The Bulletproof State of High Performance is about optimizing every aspect of your life, whether it is being healthier, having more energy, living longer, or performing better at work. Subscribe their channel for information on the newest biohacks to take your performance to the next level!